BMV – 1 Mi

The base is solid one piece construction connected with the canopy with a four joint linkage. One-step legs and advancing unit are attached to the base. Shield has window 1 200 x 850 mm for raw ore emptying from top coal. The emptying window is closed with hydraulically controlled sliding shutter. Inclinable chute is used for the guiding of raw ore from emptying window onto the bench conveyor.
Sliding canopy supported with two hydraulic cylinders has hydraulic extension part which allows prompt roof covering in back of spare cutting section.
Pillar tip can move up to the roof level, which supports and protects roof after mining out coal from front pillar.
Technical parameters of BMV – 1 Mi
Closed height of unit 2 100 mm
Extended height of unit 3 200 mm
Spacing of units in the face 1 500 mm
Advance of unit 800 mm
Yield load capacity of leg 2 586 kN
Number of legs 2
Load bearing capacity of unit 2 880 kN
Advancing power of unit 391 kN
Advancing power of conveyor 251 kN
Load distribution over roof  
-extended canopy 691 kN/m²
-locked id canopy 919 kN/m²
Load distribution over floor 1,42 MPa
Window parameters  
-breadht 850 mm
-lenght 1 200 mm
Mass of unit 15 830 kg
Max. pressure of hydraulic fluid 42 MPa
Hydraulic fluid emulzia



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