BMV - 10

Powered support BMV 10 is the supporting and fencing type of the support and it is used for mining of the thick sheer and sloping coal seams. The system of mining is using of undercutting corridors. Whole the assembly consist of two independent sections with the high capacity drag-link conveyer between them. Mining of the coal is done by the boring of the holes with the following shot firing of the prepared part of the seam. After finishing of the shot firing the coal is falling down by the gravity of itself to the conveyer.
Technical parameters
Maximum height of the unit 3,00 m
Minimum height of the unit 2,00 m
Breadth of the unit 1,42 – 1,60 m
Spacing of units in the face 1,5 m
Step of the unit 0,9 m
Number of the legs 3 ks
Yield load capacity of leg 1 500 kN
Load distribution over the roof 723 kN/m2
Advancing power of the unit 166/280 kN
Load distribution over the floor 1,4 MPa
Working pressure 32 MPa
Mass of the unit 14 320 kg



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