Hydraulic legs LHS – 300Al LHS – 300 1

Individual hydraulic props made of light alloys - is hydraulic telescopic prop for wedging the prop between the floor and the roof or roof bar. Props can be used for supporting the roof of mining coal face independently or associated with metal articulated roof beam; it can be used as an end support in a fully mechanized mining coal face, part of anchorage device and etc.

Technical parameters of LHS 300 AI:

Disengaging length 2 333 mm
Lift props 850 mm
Weight Al 56 kg (antikor 73,6 kg)
Tonnage 475 kN
Diameter bottom of props Ø 160 mm
Area of bottom of props 201 mm2
Diameter of piston Ø 120 mm
Diameter of piston rod Ø 110 mm
Active area of piston 11 310 mm2
Nominal pressure 42 Mpa
Operative pressure 20-32 Mpa
Working fluid 1,5 – 2,5% emulzia

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