UVS – 150H

Technical characteristics UVS – 150 H

Electric motor output 22 kW, 1 460 RPM
Voltage 500 V (1 140 V)
Hydraulic pump PV 063
Maximal capacity 80 l/min
Pressure 160-230 bar
Motor type F1 – 51 M
Drilled hole diameter 65 – 250 mm
Working range 2 528 – 3 608 mm

Rock drilling set UVS-150 H

Drill set UVS-150 H is electrohydraulic device used for drilling in coal and other ground deposits. It is primarily designed for hydrological and geological survey in difficult underground mining conditions and for other purposes. It is also suitable for coring.
If used on surface, need to be mounted on separate platform.

In accordance with STN (ČSN) 34 1410, set is safe to use also in space with danger of explosion of methane SNM-2.

Drill set is designed for drilling in all directions, i.e. vertical, horizontal, fan-shaped directions in excavations for survey of tectonic lines of coal deposits, or drilling in various directions for survey or drain water in extracted cavities.

Drilling set description
Drill set consist of following main parts:

1. Stand with support screw and securing key. Working platform with hydraulic cylinder /40x22-80 mm/
2. Gearbox with hydraulic drive AMK 16-7 R
3. Support with hydraulic cylinder for forward drive of drill.
4. Hydraulic cylinder /90x60-1100/
5. Electrical panel.
6. Hydraulic drive unit.
7. Control panel – proportional distributor.
8. Attachment:
- device for lagging
- connecting hose
- drilling rods
- special equipment


Drilling rods with maximum length 1000mm, flushing pump, pipe wrench, lagging table and other jigs and tools depending of specific application, and drills.

1. Drill set
a) torque with pressure 16 MPa 450 Nm
b) max. RPM 160 min-1
c) max. stroke 1 100 mm
d) max. output with pressure 49 kN
e) max. pressure on drill with pressure 16 MPa 70 kN
f) max. drill fast forward 6,2 m/min
g) max. drill fast reverse 8,8 m/min
h) max. drill forward 1,4 m/min
i) max. drill reverse 2,0 m/min
j) max. bracing dimension 2 900 mm
k) min. bracing dimension 2 500 mm
l) max. drilling diameter 220 mm

2. Hydraulic drive unit
a) electric motor – flange type 15 kW
b) max. flow rate 43,5 l/min
c) max. pressure 19 MPa
d) dimensions L 1 900 mm, H 610 mm, W 470 mm

3. Proportional control
a) slow forward max. Q=9 l/min max. P=16MPa gradual lock control
b) fast forward max. Q=40l/min max. P=16MPa end lock
c) spindle rotation max. Q=36 l/min max. P=19MPa gradual lock control
d) spindle lock max. Q=9 l/min max. P=7MPa hydraulic lock

4. Weight
a) stand 260 kg
b) gearbox 89 kg
c) hydraulic motor 13 kg
d) hydraulic drive unit 450 kg
e) control panel 35 kg
f) support screw 45 kg
g) fixing platform 20 kg
Total weight 912 kg



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