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The beginnings of the mechanical engineering plant at Banská mechanizácia a elektrifikácia Nováky, as part of the Hornonitrianske bane Prievidza (Prievidza Upper Nitra Mines) joint-stock company, is closely linked to the development of mining in the upper Nitra River. The company was founded in January 1982 to cover the need for more operative manufacturing and higher quality repairs.
Because mining in the Upper Nitra has deep roots, it is natural that such a requirement had been addressed earlier. The new plant was not established in a “green field”, but was utilizing all the valuable experience gained from people who had worked at the mechanical production center at the Cígeľ Mine and were later established as the work team at BME Nováky.
In the beginning, production was mainly focused on repairing roof support machines, tunnel combines, cutting combines and various machines while producing spare parts needed for mining operations. New economic conditions at the beginning of the 1990s prompted plant management to consider carefully the possibility of another perspective. Mechanical engineering experts were not content with what they already knew and began innovating production toward the manufacture of equipment not related to mining.