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Banská mechanizácia a elektrifikácia Nováky (Nováky Mine Mechanization and Electrification) is a branch and part the company Hornonitrianske bane Prievidza, a.s. The main scope of the production programme is the production and repairs of mining equipment.

In the field of mining technology, the plant has established its position also abroad. It has been carrying out its business activities also in the Czech and Polish markets; recently it has successfully supplied BMV mechanized reinforcements for a Turkish customer. In its engineering activities, it mainly utilizes its main competitive advantage and, besides the supply of mining equipment, it also offers its coal-mining experience and the help of the miners from the Upper Nitra Region in putting such equipment into operation.

In addition to the production of the mining equipment, the plant also cooperates with domestic customers as well as with partners from France, Germany, Austria and Sweden, mainly in the field of construction machinery and transport equipment. The plant´s products have won significant awards at domestic and foreign exhibitions.