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1. To start the serial production with at least one strategic partner in 2018.
Utilizing the success of several-month business negotiations, to provide for the prototype production and, consequently, to start the serial production in 2018 for the strategic partner.
2. To start the serial production of at least two new projects.
To rationalize the technological processes (preparations production, optimization of incineration plans and production batches, use of decisive technologies for the maximum utilization of personnel occupancy) in order to achieve the optimal final calculations.
3. To prepare the projects to be able to ensure the technological equipment of BME by purchasing the missing equipment.
By having this aim to achieve the competitiveness of our enterprise and to minimize the costs of the cooperative activity.
4. To ensure the status of receivables after their maturity date at least at the level of 1.5% of the billing volume for the last three months.
To improve liquidity by making debt recovery more effective, focusing on the improvement of the legal quality of contracts, to improve the system for preventing debtor delinquency, in risky cases to implement pre-payments, cover payments.
5. Not to exceed losses on claims above 0,10% of the business plan volume.
To achieve the aim by increasing the technological discipline in the production process, by improving the input information, by improving the technical and technological documentation delivered to the customers and by improving the legal quality of contracts.