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Project title Innovations and technological transfers
Place of the project implementation Nováky 970/01
Brief description of the project The specific objective of the project is to increase the company's competitiveness by installing innovative technologies for four production processes:
  1. CNC turning machine for the turning of rotating parts up to ∅ 1,050 mm with the length of 4,000 mm
  2. Robotic working area for bevelling before welding
  3. Blasting machine with a roller track
  4. Painting line
The introduction of new technologies should increase the production and make the production more efficient. The procurement of the technologies will enable the company to at least maintain its position in the market and compete in the upcoming years with the most advanced companies in the industry. The modern plant can offer its products and services to companies of the required quality at affordable prices.
Name of the recipient HORNONITRIANSKE BANE zamestnanecká, akciová spoločnosť (v skratke HBz., a.s.)
Seat of the recipient Matice slovenskej 10, 971 01 Prievidza
Beginning of the project 19/10/2011
Finishing of the project 30/09/2013
Amount of the contribution provided 515,622,00 EUR





Photo gallery - previous condition

Machining on traditional turning machines
Bevelling working area
Metal blasting
Product painting

Photo gallery - condition after project implementation

New turning machine ECL 1000x4200 in operation
Robotic working area for shape
bevelling of the burnt parts in operation
(robot All-V20, control unit AX21)
Blasting equipment in operation
Equipment for surface treatment of material - spraying line in operation