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The management of the company HBz., a. s., BME, o. z. set the quality policy that is consistent with the vision and strategy of the company. The aim is to ensure the long-term, successful and complex development of the company within its business activities. We are fully aware that this aim can only be achieved by fully satisfying the requirements of our customers, by the systematic product quality care and by the quality of all processes and activities involved in the realization of our products. The quality policy is binding on all company employees. All company management staff are required to actively implement this quality policy in practice.

The company develops the professional growth of its employees through their systematic education. It creates conditions for creating the complying product, among other things, by taking care of the working environment of employees by creating decent jobs and providing economic and other securities. The company requires full, high quality and professional work from its employees to satisfy its customers and shareholders.

Our suppliers are our business partners. As such, they must have their share of responsibility for the satisfaction of our customers.
The effective education and training of our employees contribute to the increased awareness of quality and environmental protection.
The top management representatives of HBz., a. s., BME, o. z. Nováky commit themselves to create appropriate conditions for the implementation of the quality policy. All employees are directly responsible for the quality of their own work.